Youth Ministry

Zion's youth ministries provide opportunities for youth to learn God's word, grow in faith, serve one another, and have lots of fun together. We invite you to join us
Confirmation (for 7th-9th graders) & Club 56 (for 5th & 6th graders)
meet each Wednesday beginning September 23, 2020.

So that we can best serve our youth and families and keep them safe during this time of Covid-19, below you will find a link to our Club 56 and Confirmation Protocol. 

Confirmation Expectations

Goal: Each youth will grow in faith, claiming baptismal promises for themselves. 

3 Pillars of Faith Formation in Confirmation

  1. Worship – Regular worship nurtures youth and families in God’s promises of forgiveness and salvation. Families are encouraged to worship together weekly.

  2. Acts of Service – Discipleship is developed by following Jesus’ example of serving all people. Service takes place both within the church community and into the surrounding community (and world). 

  3. God’s Story – Through conversation with caring adults and peers, youth read Scripture together, ask important questions, and apply learning through activities. 

Faith Development Track

Participate in weekly confirmation small group. Please notify the church office in advance to inform staff your student will be absent for a class session. 

7th grade

Sermon Notes: 5

Church Service: acolyte twice
Community Service: participate in all service projects offered
7th Grade Retreat: a one-day retreat at Zion, topic: faith & service, TBA summer 2021. 

8th grade 

Sermon Notes: 10

Church Service: 5 hours

Community Service: participate in all service projects offered + 5 hours additional community service of your choice
8th Grade Retreat: a one-day retreat at Zion, topic: individual passions for service to others, TBA summer 2021.  

9th grade 

Sermon Notes: 15
Church & Community Service: participate in all service projects offered + complete 10 service hours total; must include at least 1 church and 1 community service hour; students individually choose service projects according to gifts and interests
9th Grade Retreat: participate in Faith Statement retreat at Zion and participate in a 1-on-1 interview with CYF staff before Affirmation of Baptism Worship, summer 2021

In order to best serve all of Zion's members, especially the youth, we have added an online option to submit Worship Notes and Service hours. 

Worship Notes can be completed by watching the week's worship service on our Youtube Channel and filling out the Worship Notes form. Follow the links below.

Service Hours are to be completed in whatever way possible and can be submitted with the form linked below.

Attention Youth in Club 56 or Confirmation! 

Click on these links to sign up:

Worship Computer Tech

Youth Night (Grades 10-12) TBD